70 Back to Work Line Icons

70 Back to Work Line Icons by Krafted

70 Back to Work Line Icons
70 Back to Work Line Icons. Download Code : 816f32f375d2ba35a7d2377ce31e8082

70 Back to Work Icons

Isn?t it amazing how we work for five days, then take only two days off? People would say TGIF and honestly, we should appreciate our days off much more. Changing a mindset from off of work to being ?on? for work is an effort that we all need to make in order to be fully back to work. And that is a step necessary to be fully productive and give your best in any given task!

If you want to excel and exceed your best work, you?ll need some help. And guess what? These 70 Back to Work Icons are here for you! They?re here and they?re ready to help you break through foundations so that you can worry less about working about your task and start thinking about what you?re going to do when your job is done! Look at this icon set and get your inspiration! Be free from the hard work of your job and start having fun with it!

This Back to Work Icon Set Includes:

Barriers, Clean Environment, Close Contact, Contactless Deliveries, Discourage Congestion, Discourage Gatherings, Disinfection Chamber, Disinfection Station, Drive Through Clinic, Early Symptoms Detection, Employee Strategy, Employer Trust, Essential Workers, Free Alcohol, Free Hand Sanitizer, Free Masks, Hands Off Options, Health and Safety, Health Protocols, Health Screening Declaration, Hygienic Environment, In House Counseling, Labor Laws, Long Term Remote Work, Manage Uncertainty, Master Telework, Mission Critical Functions, Mixed Emotions, New Policies, New Procedures, Normalcy, People Limit, Phase Plan, Protecting Employees, Protecting Visitors, Regular Communication, Remote Workers, Required Mask, Return Plan, Risk Minimization, Safe Return, Scheduled Breaks, Self Reporting, Separated Workstations, Shift Availability, Social Distancing, Spatial Distance, Steps to Take, Temperature Check, Travel Restrictions, Uncertainty, Updated Air Filtration, Virus Hotspot, Virus Prevention Policies, Virus Prevention Procedures, Virus Test Kit, Virus Testing, Visitors Strategy, Walk Traffic Flow, Walls, Work in Shifts, Workers Rights, Workplace Capacity Planning, Workspace Morale, Workspace Reorganization, 2 Meter Distance, 6 Feet Distance, Alternating Work Days, Approval to Work, Automatic Doors

Formats Included:

  • 1 .IconJar
  • 1 .PDF
  • 2 .AI
  • 70 .EPS
  • 70 .SVG
  • 70 .PNG sized 256x256
  • 70 .PNG sized 512x512

Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.

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You?re going to get vector files, which means they are easy to scale! They can be stretched, skewed, color-swapped, or customized as you need to. Our aim is to help make your job easier!