Dashboard UI Kit

Dashboard UI Kit by Unknow

Dashboard UI Kit
Dashboard UI Kit. Download Code : 94dce5415d3d30de002e55d83a26812c

A responsive, next-gen dashboard UI kit for desktop and mobile. It has been designed taking advantage of the latest Sketch features, such as constraints. What does this mean? It means widgets and elements can easily be resized to different screen sizes, making your workflow 10x more effective. We believe this is the future of interface design.

  • Responsive layouts: Widgets and elements can easily be resized with the new constraints feature.
  • Two styles: Each screen has been meticulously designed in two versions, both light and dark styles.
  • Style guide: Maintain a consistent style and visual language across all areas of your product.
  • Onboarding screens: Signup, login and forgot password screens are available, including error screens.
  • Icons: This UI kit is using the material icons by Google. Best of all, you can easily download SVGs from their online library.
  • Illustrations: A collection of 12 illustrations are included, a good selection of graphics to improves the overall experience.

Dashboard UI Kit is delivered with a wide range of screens. In fact, it is a complete application with accurate content put into context. A style guide is also included to maintain a consistent visual language across your product.

Every single screen is available for both desktop and mobile. And don?t worry if you?re developing for iOS, Android or the web, you can easily change width; the design will update instantaneously.