Portfolio - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

Portfolio - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template by pennyblack

Portfolio - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template
Portfolio - Multipurpose Responsive Email Template. Download Code : 0b2bae603e379b6517d189ebe29fef09

About Template

Portfolio is a multipurpose responsive email template suitable for any kind of corporate, office, business and general categories.

Portfolio compatible with Stampready, MailChimp, MyMail & Campaign Monitor

Stampready Builder Demo: http://www.stampready.net/dashboard/editor-3-5/index.php?demo=ZnlcvUqJzxiEPusIHRyCTbSL04WrAtNg


  • Attractive Modules
  • Multipurpose template
  • HYBRID Coding
  • Responsive template
  • Raw HTML included
  • MailChimp ready
  • Campaign Monitor ready
  • MyMail/Mailster ready for WordPress
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Easily edit your template
  • Save your customized templates for future purpose
  • Customize & download template as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Stampready, MyMail / Mailster & Plain HTML files
  • Commented HTML
  • Background image support in All Major Outlook Clients
  • Major browser compatible [IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari]
  • Major email clients support [Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, Google Gmail, Hotmail]

Files Included

  • Folder contains:Raw HTML, Stampready, MailChimp, MyMail/Mailster and Campaign Monitor Files
  • Help Document


  • GMail, Yahoo and Outlook ignore media query
  • GMail, Yahoo and Outlook ignore Google Fonts and display fall-back fonts
  • Images are only for the demo purpose and not included in the package
  • Export Option in Stampready is only available in paid account

Support / Documentations

  • For support mail to [email protected]lacktemplates.com
  • For online help document, https://www.pennyblacktemplates.com/demo/help/
  • Stampready documentation for developers, http://www.stampready.net/guide/