WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices

WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices by wpgenie

WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices
WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices. Download Code : 4195bce36255e12d68d3771f34254cca

WooCommerce Price Drops is a plugin and excellent marketing tool which allows you to lower (or raise) price of a product over time in steps say $10 every hour. This way you can get more buyers and make them spend more time on your site waiting for lowest price they are willing to pay for a product. With this marketing tool you will be able to increase sales, get more satisfied buyers, upsell more related products and increase average time visitors spend on your web shop. Please read documentation.

** WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices Overview and Features: **

  • Supports latest WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Seamless integration into WooCommerce via its hooks
  • Choose between price rise or drop
  • Precentage or fixed value price rise or drop
  • Set price increment / decrement
  • Set minimal / maximal price
  • Set how often price will drop or raise
  • Show counter for next price drop / raise on single product page
  • Set drop / rise price timeframe ? price will change from date to date and stop
  • Reset price raise / drop after completed order
  • Cronjobs required